6 Week Challenge: Week 1

So, I asked the trainer on the night of the first day about the diet — the super low calories, the lack of fat… should I be concerned? She kind of brushed me off but also said that I need to trust her. Which, I guess was a pretty good thing to say. Although if this harms me I’ll be talking about it all over so hopefully she’s confident.

Even better would have been if she had given me some actual information on just how super-low-fat could be safe for six weeks, or super-low-calorie for that matter. She’s not a dietician… this is a standardized Herbalife plan.

In the end I have decided to take it day by day and see how I feel, and add a serving of healthy fat if/when I feel I need it. So far I have done that once, on Day Two. I woke up with a headache, feeling faint and dizzy, and nauseated. I felt that way until about noon. I had a sort of healthy treat in the fridge at work — one of these Snickaroos by Little Tucker — and I decided to eat that in the afternoon. PS. My calories and fat still came in super low.

In general, I’ve been coming in around 700-900 net calories per day (uh… what?) and working out almost every day. I did workouts at the gym where the challenge is four days this week, went for a run one day and then on my rest day I did a restorative yoga class. The other day was the day we started, when I did not work out.

Weirdly, though, I have been feeling just fine. Not necessarily better than usual, but no worse. I haven’t lost my ability to focus, I haven’t felt hungry or faint, and I haven’t had any terrible cravings or anything. And, I’m feeling motivated to move and be healthy, so that’s a plus.

What Have I Been Eating?

Splitting up the portions to create different meal and snack options has been key. I split the huge protein requirement for breakfast and usually have egg whites with veggies and cottage cheese all cooked up together, and then some yogurt with berries, stevia, vanilla, cinnamon and a bit of vanilla protein powder sprinkled on top (I tried mixing a bunch in but that was gross and gritty). Some days I save some berries (which count as a carb) and blend them up with my first protein shake for a different taste. On the days when I’m sick of that breakfast I have some chicken or turkey, whatever leftover veggies we have and half an apple.

Lunches have mostly been spinach salad with meat on top and some rice or quinoa, but I’ve also had rice and beans with ground beef on the side. The veggies are not hard for me at lunch as I generally just roast something yummy like broccoli. Lettuce wraps with whichever meat I have on hand, and fresh salsa have also been great.

Dinners are just a protein and a veggie so that’s usually pretty simple with just whatever meat and veggie I can come up with, cooked very simply.

Results, Week 1

Well, I’m sore, I can tell you that. Arnica cream, epsom salt baths and wintergreen essential oil have been my very good (and surprisingly effective) friends.

One thing that surprised me was that when I went for a run on Thursday afternoon, it felt pretty good. I told myself to just try, and go as far as I could, knowing that I likely wouldn’t make it far since I was so sore. But then it felt pretty easy and I just went the full 4 km! I mean, I walk for a minute every kilometre because I am admittedly out of shape but still. I was happy it felt good.

I ended up losing two pounds this week. I wish I knew if I have lost any body fat. I swear my butt feels harder already though.


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