If you’re the type of person who thrives on routine, for very long periods of time (like, life), who is happy to work out for the health benefits, on a regular schedule, indefinitely, without ever struggling to keep it up, just you never mind.

But if you’re like most and your fitness routine comes and goes with the demands of life or the waning of your interest, you might agree with me when I say that to hold your interest, fitness pursuits ultimately need to hold your attention by being FUN.

I love to run, but I’ve discovered that the only thing that keeps me coming back is the experience of being on irregular paths in the woods.

Hula hooping might not offer the quickest, most obvious total-body results, but the benefits are there and oh boy, is it fun to learn those tricks!

Whether it’s hiking, swimming, volleyball, Crossfit (TM?), scrambling up cliff faces or playing soccer with the kids, I’m all about pursuits that keep us active and really make us feel like kids again, or connect us with friends and loved ones. When I write about fitness, it is from this perspective.

For the month of December 2015, I’m hosting a Fitness Challenge! It’s all about finding the joy in exercise and movement, and introducing play back into your life. I’d love it if you’d join us! Have a look at my blog posts about the Challenge and then join me on your blog or on Instagram!


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