I have decided (thanks to the lovely Jen) that I’m going to take part in Dressember – which, of course, follows the inversely horrible Movember (thank god THAT’S over!) and involves committing to wearing a dress each day of December. It seemed silly at first. I mean, December is cold (here in Calgary, between -20 and +5 degrees Celsius, usually) and snowy, and I don’t own that many dresses! My excuses quickly melted away as I browsed through photos of others trying it in a cold climate, and then counted my dresses: 35.

Unceremoniously stored in the basement…

Wow. I’ve long called myself a Vintage Dress Collector, but now I know it’s true. The funniest part is, I have a soft spot for the really ridiculous ones, in a “I can’t believe this actually exists!” sort of way. I own at least a dozen that I would never consider wearing in public… at least not any other time but Dressember! This will be so fun. This month, expect to spot me in:

I’ll post a photo each day to show the actual outfit, and describe where I’m wearing it. I can’t wait to get started!


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