Dressember Day #2 – Two Dresses in One Day

Kind of a fail on cold climate dress-wearing today. Here is my first outfit:

Skirt: vintage K-Mart // Shirt: Nine West via a clothing swap // Sweater: Brooklyn Industries via a clothing swap // Necklace: turquoise, Global Wonders/Servants Anonymous Foundation // Shoes: American Eagle

I was supposed to be able to bring the kids home from IKEA by bus wearing this, which would have been fine, temperature-wise, if it hadn’t been for the wind! The wind was super cold today, so we decided to just stay at IKEA till Nicole came to pick up Mairead and Finn. (No big unschooly adventures today, just the chance to jump in the ball pit and such things in Smaland, on a cold day when playing outside wasn’t in the cards.)

I didn’t mind this outfit, but I had a swim date followed by plans to see the Muppet Movie later in the evening, and this didn’t feel quite right, so I picked this out:

Dress: The Gap via Value Village // Tights: Really not sure // Necklace: it’s from a booth at a music festival – it’s made out of dyed acai pits!

I usually wear this “dress” as a sweater over jeans, so it felt a bit short on its own, but was all right.

Not much else to say today – I was cold. I considered my long underwear but didn’t feel like I could do it. Not today. I have a fun outfit picked out for tomorrow though! Speaking of which, we’re well into tomorrow already, so I should go get some sleep.


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