The Night We Built Terrariums as Gifts

In case you missed it, adorable little terrariums are all the rage this gift-giving season. After seeing them featured on Inhabitat, and for sale at Market Collective (here in Calgary), I had decided that they would be an easy and cute gift for the mothers (mine and Justan’s).

We needed:

  • small or medium sized glass containers (with or without lids)
  • pretty stones, gravel, shells and other such embellishments
  • small succulents
  • sand

I bought the containers for $2-4 each at a thrift shop, along with a $3 bag of mixed glass “rocks” and decorative shells. Succulents were $5 each for 2-inch containers – we got a selection of four different types. Sand came from the backyard.

All the materials laid out.

We got a cute book from the library called Terrarium Craft, by Amy Bryant Aiello and Kate Bryant, and used this as our reference for assembling.

Here are our finished products!

Nana’s single-plant, lidded terrarium with shells arranged by Neko.

Grandma’s multi-plant, fishbowl terrarium, complete with umbrella.

Neko wanted to make her own, so I bought her a Venus Fly Trap for her birthday and we transplanted it.

My very own little terrarium with glass inukshuk.

I hope these go over well! I’m quite in love with them.

Of course, it’s Dressember the 19th. Here’s today’s ensemble:

Dress: no label. I’m guessing handmade. Clothing swap. // Cardigan: Kersh // Necklace: made by me // Tights: Joe // Socks: American Apparel // Shoes: El Naturalista // Background: My store, Babes in Arms!


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