Our Pinterest Spree

We found ourselves with an unexpected free day on Friday, so we chose a few ideas from Pinterest and had some fun!

First, we painted rocks with little hearts on them. The original idea is here – I found it so charming. Here are our finished stones (it’s winter, so we chose stones from our own rock collections. We both find pretty stones irresistible, so there are always extras around!):

Our finished heart rocks.

Today (Sunday), we placed our stones all over in unexpected spots in the front yard. We will definitely be doing this again in the future and taking them out into the world! It’s so simple but it made me really happy, and I know it would make me happy to find one while I was out and about.

Neko chooses the spot for her first stone.

Justan says this picture is creepy. I think it’s cute.

We have a lamp post in front of our house. I wonder how many people will notice this stone!

This one is tucked into the peeling bark on our Mountain Ash.

Look carefully when you climb our front steps!

Neko placed this one outside her window. Yes… our window frames are dirty.

Then Neko had a bath with glow sticks. So simple, but a big hit! Works even better with two or more kids.

Her new toy bearded dragon joined her as well.

While she was in the bath, I put together some “ice eggs” for another day. Here is the inspiration for these:

“A Little Learning for Two” had this fun idea for a hot summer day!

We’ll be playing with these in the bath sometime soon. Right now there are a bunch in my deep freeze!


2 thoughts on “Our Pinterest Spree

  1. Love, love, love the painted heart rocks! Are you going to start leaving them all over the city? That would be cool. We may have to follow suit. Thanks!


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