Random Fun Round-up

I’m going through pictures today of fun things we’ve done lately and I’m feeling too lazy to group them into separate posts by topic. So, this is  a quick round-up of fun things we’ve done lately.

Last Friday, our friends Jessica, Madison, Annika and Emily came over while Mairead and Finn were here, and we all made meringues. It was a first for all of us, and lots of fun. Technically, we were doing it as a science experiment (learning about how beating the egg whites creates air bubbles which make the meringues fluffy), but it was a darn tasty one.

Beat egg whites, add sugar, and maybe some colour, and maybe even flavour.

They have to bake for a long time at a low heat, so the wait before we could enjoy them was difficult for the kids.

They had fun, though, hanging out with each other.

We all enjoyed them after they were cooked. Here is Finn trying a vanilla meringue.

From the truly random file: Neko staged an epic battle between good and evil in our bathroom, then laid it all out for me and explained just who was whom.

Best quote (as she was picking “teams”): “Spongebob: always evil.”

A big highlight of our month in January was when our great friend Andie stayed with us for a week, on a visit from her home in Australia. Neko loved having someone around who would play “store” with her, and Andie and I went out dancing and stayed out late too many nights on the weekend. We had a ton of fun and we were all exhausted!

We all played Just Dance 3 one night, and worked up a sweat. Andie went right home to Australia and bought herself a copy.

While Andie was here, we had to take her to my store, Babes in Arms, so she could see it. Neko got ahold of the camera and took some photos of me while we were there.

Talking about cloth diapers!

And then I tried Neko in the Boba to see how a 43 lb kid felt in it on my back. The verdict? Super comfy! (This photo, by the way, caused some controversy on the Babes in Arms Facebook page!)

Not that I normally wear her on my back… but hey, as the owner it’s my job to test these things out!

On Andie’s last night here, we learned to play Le Havre (we’re suckers for nerdy German board games). Not Neko… we were confused enough as 30-somethings.

Justan and I are a little befuddled over this shipping and receiving business.

And one last random, fun shot. Last week I realized that, because Neko has a loft bed, I could take two sheets and tuck them between the mattress and frame at the top, so they would hang down and make one giant fort. I had considered it before but for some reason thought that because it would just enclose the space under her bed, where they can always play, that they wouldn’t be interested. But they happily (and quietly!) played in there for a couple of hours! Awesome!! The only caveat? They demanded I keep delivering them carrots to eat. Consider it done!

My eager carrot consumers peek out from their castle.


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