Day 2 of 28 Days to Simplify my Life a la Pinterest: Pick Out Your Clothes and Shoes the Night Before

I liked day one, and this idea for day two seemed great. Although really, do you save that much time? Either way, you have to pick out clothes. Five minutes in the morning is just being moved to nighttime, right? Oh well. Mornings are tough – maybe the point is to start the day with as little stress as possible and set a positive tone. Sounds good to me!

This is one of those suggestions that came up again and again in my Pinterest mining, but I took it from Stylecaster, where author Perrie said:

“Pick out your clothes—and shoes—the night before.

We realize that you’re not an 8-year-old girl, but laying out tomorrow’s outfit tonight, intuitively, is a huge time-saver. Be sure to iron, steam, lint-roll, or treat anything else you need to the night before as well, and hang your outfit on a hanger outside your closet, so all you have to do in the morning is reach for it. It helps to keep your shoes out, too, since digging through your footwear collection in the morning could get distracting (the “this shoe or that shoe” game can be a massive time suck, right?).”

Check out all Perrie’s tips on getting dressed more quickly in the morning here.

Pretty standard - tunic, tights, legwarmers, cardigan. Add some wool socks and sneakers and I'm out the door.

Pretty standard – tunic, tights, legwarmers, cardigan. Add some wool socks and sneakers and I’m out the door.

The verdict? I think I’ll try to do this on a regular basis. It did save me a couple of minutes in the morning, and I actually got out of bed more quickly because deciding what to wear was one less thing to dread and feel anxious about. I really did used to do this when I was eight, and reinstating this habit doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all. We have another winner!

Tomorrow, I’ll be trying this slightly more complicated set of suggestions for how to “Start My Day.” Pin here.

And of course, the dedicated board for this series is here.


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