Response: Life as a Long-term Polyamorist

I wanted to give a quick shout-out to Elizabeth Weiss, who wrote “He’s Not My Husband, He’s Her Husband, But We All Really Want a Loan Together”: Life as a Long-term Polyamorist for the always-awesome Offbeat Home (you may have read the piece on the lesbian triad wedding on their sister site, Offbeat Bride a couple of years ago).

One issue that we triads run into is the fact that it’s fairly difficult to find real-life examples of successful relationships that are structured like our own.

Polyamorous Triad

Through social media (mostly Instagram – try #polytriad, #thruple, #threescompany or #thelif3 to find some really rad triads there), we have found a lot of people who are (mostly) happily living as triads. But people who have been in a stable triad or vee for five or more years? Far more difficult to find.

So reading Elizabeth’s article, especially the part that says “After a few years, it won’t be as tough,” was really reassuring. Of course we know that any relationship, no matter how many people are in it, might fail. But to know that someone out there is happy, and stable, and living a normal life as a triad means so much. To hear advice and accounts of daily life from those people? Even better.

Are you part of a triad or do you know a triad who is in it for the long haul (5+ years and going strong)? I’d love to hear from you in the comments or by email. We’re discovering that this is not such an unusual way of living and every bit to normalize it helps. Solidarity!


One thought on “Response: Life as a Long-term Polyamorist

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