The Triad Book!

This is where all my energy is going right now: I’m hard at work researching my book, interviewing triads and people who have been in a triad that has broken up; I’m reading all the books ever written about polyamory and love triangles; and I’m very busy connecting with triads and polyamorous folk on Instagram and Twitter.

3 interlocked hearts no source

If you’re interested in following this project, there are a few different ways that you can engage:

  1. Follow along on social media: Instagram or Twitter
  2. Have a look around the website.
  3. Take the survey (for anyone over 18 who is or has been in a triad).

There are more options on the site. I hope if you or someone you know has an interest in polyamory or specifically triad relationships, you’ll join me in the journey of writing this book!


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