Half-Point Check-in: Guess What? My Life WILL NOT Be Simplified.

It resists. It’s ornery. This project is great, I love learning new life hacks, but for crying out loud it hasn’t simplified my life even enough to make space for writing a daily blog post about simplifying my life. OR, aiming to write a daily blog post is counteractive to simplifying one’s life. Hmmm.

I did, I’ll admit, take on a new job around the time I stopped posting these regularly (which was what… Day 10? Day 7?). Life has been rather, er, nuts since I took on the extra responsibilities.

So I apologize for posting these so sparsely. I’m busy trying to fit in workouts (not happening) and do a better job of homeschooling (this, thankfully, is happening. I hope to post some things about that soon.) and write more. I am writing more. Just not blog posts.


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