I’ve Made a List

It’s a thing I do. I am REALLY good at making planning lists. I make them all the time – I plan how and when I’m going to run, do yoga, write; I make meal plans, I make lists of things I’d like to do and places I’d like to visit. And then instead of doing and seeing and making and writing all those things, I make another list.

So here is a list of real life stories I’d like to put on paper. I had insomnia last week and all these great stories were running through my head so I made a list. Would you want to read any of these?

  • telling Veronica that Kevin’s gay
  • kismet road trip with Angeline
  • out all night with Chaara
  • being the surviving sibling
  • the time I went camping alone and ended up reading Harlequins
  • ladybugs on the beach
  • eggnog at Christmas
  • birdwatching biker
  • my mom being the dirtiest Cards Against Humanity player
  • how we’d walk out of class in high school
  • when the cat ate my mouse
  • how vividly I remember the one time my dad said he likes me
  • the fight dad and I got in the day of my grandpa’s funeral
  • why I opened the store
  • what Paul was like in high school
  • I thought everyone who lived in the city was better than me
  • “I thought you were vegetarian”
  • when your past bullies compliment you
  • the times I’ve stopped to help road kill
  • driving to Luciette Hot Springs with Andi and Hannah
  • what I thought of rodeos as a kid
  • family feud
  • our short pot habit

I’m intrigued. I should really write those. If aspiring to be David Sedaris seemed like attainable goal, that would be the goal I’d pick, I think.

Note: some names have been changed.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Made a List

  1. I’m interested in the one about your mom being the dirtiest CAH player – I’ve played her sister, and I wonder how they’d stack up against one another!


    • I was just thinking the other day that I need to *actually* work a little harder on getting these written! OMG, that would be a story… my mom vs. her sister. I would be constantly blushing!


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